These heaths cover a large area of the north-western central highlands. The lakes there are said to be innumerable like the mounds in the valley Vatnsdalur and the islands of the bay of Breidafiordur. These heaths are among the most beautiful and peaceful parts of the country and many families and individuals have spent unforgettable days there camping and fishing.

Most of the lakes abound in Lake Char and Brown Trout and some of them are only accessible on foot or by 4wd vehicles. They have been fished the whole year round during the historical times and they were a valuable source of food during hard times and prevented total famine at times. The bird life is rich and highly interesting and in ages past people regularly collected lichens for additional food up there, especially when grain was scarce. Outlaws and vagrants lived there sometimes for  long periods of time and found accommodations in many of the lava caves.

Information and permits available at the tourist centre at Hraunfossar.  Local phone number is 435-1155.

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