Sogið is the biggest clear water river in Iceland and has no glacial origin.  It flows out of the lake Thingvallavatn, which again is the biggest lake in Iceland.  At the outlet of the lake it's average volume is around 100 cubic meters per second.  It's drainage area is between 1000 up to 1200 square kilometers.  From there it flows for 20 kilometers, through three  hydro electric plants until it joins the glacial river Hvítá í Árnessýsla.  Below the junction the river takes a new name - Ölfusá" until it enters the ocean at the town of Eyrarbakki.


Sogið is a moderately good salmon river, renowned for it's big fish.  It is also a fine trout water, (see it's page under "trout rivers")  Even if the three power plants have without doubt had some negative effect on the fishing it is still a very popular river and it is  prudent for the angler to book early to be sure of getting the most sought after pools at prime time. 


Unlike most other salmon rivers in Iceland each farmer leases his section of the river separately, usually to an outfitter.  The Angling Club of Reykjavik holds the lease on four farms, i.e. the Alvidra, the Ásgardur, the Bíldsfell and the Efri Brú.  Booking and information can be had at or telephone +354-568-6050. E-mail address is


The Angling Service Lax-á holds the lease for the Tannastadabakki and the Thrastarlundur.  Info and booking at  +354-557-6100 or at   E-mail 


Most of the above mentioned farms have their own web pages in the Icelandic version.  We intend to translate it into English as soon as we can.  For the trout fishing you must look at the "Trout Rivers" pages.

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