The Elliðaár  (Always spoken of in the plural)

The river flows out of the lake Elliðavatn, which lies on the eastern outskirts of Reykjavík,  for about 6 km to where it enters the saltwater at a point in the middle of the city’s shoreline. After suffering from a mini collapse due to furunculosis at the beginning of this century, when the catch plummeted to 414, the river has made a marvellous recovery and now has a five-year average of 1,033 fish to 6 rods, which is close to how things used to be. 


The river belongs to the municipality of Reykjavik and the fishing is leased to the Angling Club of Reykjavik. The fishing is sold by the half-day in order to give as many members as possible the chance to fish for salmon on their doorstep. Most permits are taken by local anglers, but an enquiry to the club’s office may reveal the odd unsold slot. Before fishing commences anglers gather at the lodge in the shadow of the motorway flyover and draw for their pools. Just outside the door is one of the most photographed pools on the river, Sjávarfoss, the scene of many a leaping salmon caught on film. It produces its fair share of fish too and very popular with the bait fishers.


The upper river section is a string of flats connected by short popply runs with Upper and Lower Coffin being one of the best. This area produces very good results to small flies fished on very light gear. The pools become rockier and more streamy below the horse training area at Árbæjarhólmar and pick up speed through Breiðholtsfoss section. Here the river divides into two branches, with one flowing into the small dam at Kerlingarhólmar. From here to the sea both branches are a mixture of pots and swift runs and a few areas of short rapids. The middle and upper pools are favoured by fly fishers while the lower pools are favoured by those who prefer to fish with bait.


Information and booking details can be found on the website of the Angling Club of Reykjavik.



Angling Club of Reykjavik (SVFR)

Tel: +354 568 6050

www.svfr.is  E-mail:svfr@svfr.is


Catch statistics for

Date Salmon Trout Rods
Jun. 20204
Jun. 271174
Jul. 42286
Jul. 113256
Jul. 184586
Jul. 255666
Aug. 16846
Aug. 87566
Aug. 158116
Aug. 228574
Aug. 298934
Sep. 59324
Sep. 129534
Sep. 159604

Total catch per year

Year Salmon Trout