Brennan (Í Hvítá)

Brennan is a two rod fishing beat on the Hvíta, (White river) in the Borgarfjördur district, just below the junction of the famous Thverá and Hvítá.  The water of Thverá flows clear for some distance before it is gradually mixed with the glacial waters of Hvítá.  When the salmon runs  are entering Thverá the fish sometimes take the bait eagerly at this junction.

Present lease holder is the Starir ehf.  the same that manages the Thverá river.  Its E-mail address is  ant the local telephone number is  852-0401.

(Revised 2015)

Catch statistics for

Date Salmon Trout Rods
Jun. 20763
Jun. 271013
Jul. 41883
Jul. 112293
Jul. 182503
Jul. 252703
Aug. 13063
Aug. 83263
Aug. 153303
Aug. 223461693
Aug. 293522013
Sep. 53522113
Sep. 123552303
Sep. 193603063
Sep. 233623123

Total catch per year

Year Salmon Trout