Jökla, (Jökulsá á Dal).

Since the hydro-electric plant was build at Kárahnjúkar, the big, glacical river "Jökla" has changed from the dark and heavily silted water it used to be, into a medium sized clear and quite fishable river for most of the year.  But when the dam is owerflowing the river takes on it's old caracter and can not be fished until it clears again.  Usually this happen rather late in the angling season.

In the past few years tha Angling service Strengir has released a lot of smolts into Jökla and it's tributaries  (Laxá, Fossá and Kaldá) with promising results.

For information on prises and availability, please contact The Angling Service Strengir. Phone: +354-567-5204. E-mail ellidason@strengir.is Website. www.strengir.com


(Revised june 2012)

Catch statistics for

Date Salmon Trout Rods
Jul. 5128
Jul. 12308
Jul. 19808
Jul. 261308
Aug. 21658
Aug. 92258
Aug. 162788
Aug. 232888
Aug. 303178
Sep. 63308
Sep. 133308
Sep. 203328
Sep. 273428
Sep. 303558

Total catch per year

Year Salmon Trout