When arriving in Iceland for the purpose of fly fishing every angler should have his regular equipment that he likes best. We are talking about waders, spinning or Fly rod whichever you are planning to use, some tippet material and some typical flies. Although fishing and tackling stores in Iceland are very good and you can buy everything in almost any town in Iceland to get by. We recommend however that you bring your own rods and tackle, the equipment you are used to handle. We also recommend that you buy the Icelandic, salmon or trout flies here in Iceland. That is not based upon the rationality of boosting angling shopping, it has simply been proven that for some reason Icelandic tied flies work well in Iceland. There are some internet shopping available. www.frances.is. Make sure that the flies you are buying are quality, pull the hair on the fly firmly and rub the head of the fly to check durability.


We recommend that you get in touch with your guide before you arrive and check what weight of rods you should bring and or if a double hander is needed.

The water level varies from year to year, the temperature is not staple so getting in touch with the guide is a good idea.



Clothing is also very important. Gore-Tex waders and rain coat (fishing jacket) are the best. The layers should be at least 3-4 because believe it or not it can be hot on the rivers as well as cold. A good fishing hat, good glasses and gloves are not only for functional purposes but also for safety. Bring a good sweater or get an Iceland wool one.


A good hiking bag or a typical fishing bag is also necessary. Sometimes you need to walk from the car a little distance.


Typical gear:

8-10 weight rods

8-16 ponds tippet

Weight forward floating and intermediate lines

If arriving in August, bring a sinking tippet or sinking line with you. Preferably on a separate spool or reel.

GoreTex waders

GoreTex rain jacket

Hat – glasses – gloves (2 pair of gloves)



Most productive flies Sizes 6-10

Black Sheep – Single and double (make sure they are long tail with jungle cock)

Red – Black Frances / several sizes / From size 10 double to a 3” tube

Hairy Mary – Single and double hook

Laxa Blue – Single and double hook

Collie dog – Single and Double hook.

Black Braham – Double

3-6 different kinds of Micro tubes / with and without cone heads

4-8 different kinds of so called riffle hitch tubes.


Also, it is good to know that most fishing guides in Iceland collect flies that they recommend. Also, they usually have spare rods and repair kits if something happens.

Although it is not part of the tackle we strongly recommend that you practice, take lessons in casting before arriving to Iceland. The reason is that the wind is a big factor in Icelandic fishing.One of the saddest things you see on the riverbanks is trash and or cigarette stubs floating on clear pure Icelandic rivers. Therefore it is important that you bring your sportsmanship and a mind of a grown up fisherman where we show the nature respect. A good humor is mandatory.