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About the website


The main purpose of this web is to give the best available information on all aspects of Icelandic sportfishing.  We will do our best to include a description of almost all fishing waters in the country along with information on how to get there and how to book a permit.  You will also find pictures and information on all anadromus sport fishing species in Iceland.


For foreign visitors we include some details on the Icelandic society, climate, nature and so on.  Also some description on the most popular fishing tackle, some information on prices of different fishing along with a short index of Icelandic fishing rules.  Also some information on the sterilisation of used fishing gear, imported to Iceland.


A web like this will never be complete.  As of now we have not found the time to translate all the Icelandic pages to English, but we are working hard to do so.  Please be patient and we hope  you will have some fun visiting our pages and also that you find it informative too.



You are always welcome to send us an E-mail or a fax, asking for all kinds of information regarding sportfishing in our country.  You can use angling@angling.is or info@angling.is 

We will do our best to assist you in any way.


We would like to guide you to this website: Angling Iceland. It is featuring many of Iceland‘s very best salmon and trout rivers and the outfitters to contact.


Now also, FishIceland.com provides anglers with up to date information on fishing availability and "Online" booking in many of Iceland's finest salmon and trout rivers.  To start your journey, visit the website fishiceland.com

Tight lines.